• Week of 1/7-11/19


    Topic :Element of Weather

    Students will read Textbook pages 683-690.

    Students will Complete Lesson Review page 691 in class. 


    Topic: Elements of Weather

    Students will participate in a classroom activity concepts review: Weather, humidity, relative humidity,dew point, precipation, air pressure,wind,visibility.

    Students will create a Elements of Weather Web diagram.

    Block days:Wed-Thurs 

    Students will read and complete: Clouds worksheet 

    Students will complete: Clouds Foldable Hands-on activity. 


    Topic: What Influences Weather?

    Vocabulary: air mass, front,jet stream.

    Textbook pages: 696-709.

    Students will read and complete Lesson review page - 709


    Class Resources: Missing a day, click here for your resources!

    Web Diagram