• stone age Week of 8/24/20

    Monday/Tuesday,  Topic: Introductions. We'll be going over procedures and class rules. Get to know each other a little bit. Today we'll look at just what we'll be studying this year. If you'd like to see what I'll be showing, click on this link. If you bring me an answer to the question on the Rome slide, I'll give you extra credit. No HW (yet).

    MCPS Online meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week: Group 1, A thru J, will join the meeting at 8:00. Group 2, K thru Z will join the meeting at 8:45. 


    Wednesday/Thursday, Topic: Hunter-gatherers. Today we'll get serious about beginning Unit 1, Lesson 1 the Stone Age. By today all students should have a folder set up for our class. Folders will remain in the classroom throughout the year. 


    Friday/Monday, Topic: Stone Age People. Students will be learning about the different ways early people adapted to their environment and the achievements they made.