• Cleisthenes Week of 1/14/19

    Monday, 1/14/19. Topic: Gov't in Athens. Students will continue working through pages 236-241 to learn how democracy developed in Athens. Students will use a graphic organizer to break down the three early forms of government: oligarchy, tyranny, and democracy. There will be a test on Friday. Students will use their notes in their folders as a study guide. 

    Tuesday, 1/15/19. Topic: Gov't in Athens. Students will take notes on different leaders in early Athens to learn how they impacted government. HW: p. 241, #2a and 2b. 

    Wednesday/Thursday Block. Students will continue to learn about democracy in Athens. They will also brainstorm and decide how to best illustrate the three basic types of government in Athens to make storyboards. HW: p. 241, #3a and 3b.

    Friday, 1/18/19. Topic: Gov't in Athens. Today students will take a test in the computer lab and use the Storyboardthat.com website to create storyboards that illustrate the three types of government.