• Greece map Week of 1/7/19

    Monday, 1/7/19. Topic: Government in Greece. We will review Lesson 1, and then begin Greece, Lesson 2, Government in Athens.  Lesson 1 was very short and is closely connected to Lesson 2. Students will be learning how the Greek city-states lead to the development of the first self-governments in the world. 

    Tuesday, 1/8/19. Topic: Government in Greece. We will continue with Lesson 2 and students will be learning how democracy evolved in Athens and other Greek city-states. Students will learn what democracy means and how it worked in Ancient Greece. HW: Page 241, #1a and 1b. 

    Wednesday/Thursday Block. Topic: Geography and government. Students will work on a map lesson and poster project that will help them visualize how Greece's geography impacted the development of self-government. HW: Finish Greek Trade routes map.  

    Friday, 1/11/19. Topic: Geography and government. Students will continue working on the question set we started on Tuesday about democracy in Greece. No HW.