• Unit 5 - Plants and Cellular Energy  

    Unit 5:  Plants and Cellular Energy

    Week of Jan. 7 Agenda

    Mon/Tues:       Notebook Check, Immune System PP #1, and Chapter 31 worksheet due today

                          Finish Immune System PP #2 (see last agenda in Unit 4 for link) 

                          Time to work on Chapter 4 Study Guide Worksheets

    Wed/Thurs:      Lesson 4.1 ATP - video, notes, questions

                           Lesson 4.2 Photosynthesis

                          Microscope leaf stroma drawings

    Fri/Mon:          Photosynthesis equation activity - Due T/W next week

                          Chloroplast cut/paste activity - Due T/W next week


    *What's coming up:  Photosynthesis quiz Jan 15/16, Chapter 4 Test Jan. 24/25


    Agenda week of Jan 14

    Mon:            Amoeba Sisters Photosynthesis video top 10 video facts

                       Photosynthesis equation activity - Due Wed 

                       Photosynthesis question/answer activity - Due Wed

    Tues/Wed     QUIZ - lessons 4.1-4.2

                       Lessons 4.4

                       Amoeba Sisters Cellular Respiration video top 10 facts

                       "Power Notes" diagram notes

                       power notes guide

    Th/Fri:         Cellular Respiration equation activity - Due Tues/Wed next week

                       Mitochondria question/answer activity - Due Tues/Wed next week

                       Study Guide lessons 4.4, 4.6 (should have 4.1 and 4.2 completed!)


    *What's coming up:  Chapter 4 Test Th/Fri, Jan. 24/25

    Chapter 4 Test Study Guide


    Agenda week of Jan. 21

    Mon:             No School - MLK :)

    Tues/Wed:     Lesson 4.6 - Fermentation notes

                        Fermentation Notes - refer to this if you were absent

                        Need Headphones for Chrome Book assignment

                        Photosynthesis VS Cellular Respiration Flip Book

    Th/Fri:          Study guide worksheets DUE

                        Chapter 4 Test

                        Chapter 4 Test Study Prep Guide

                        Test Study Guide Chpt 4