• Instructions:

    1. Log in into your student portal.
    2. Office 365.
    3. Log in into Word 
    • Page 1: Create a cover page include the following: Title of your animal, Name, date, class period, Earth Science, and Mrs. Gonzalez.
    • Page 2: your Hypothesis or Theory.  Hypothesis vsTheory. A hypothesis is either a suggested explanation for an observable phenomenon, or a reasoned prediction of a possible causal correlation among multiple phenomena. In science, a theory is a tested, well-substantiated, unifying explanation for a set of verified, proven factors.
    • Font letter 12
    • Include pictures no more than ONE page. 
    • bibliography: sources, (websites)
    • Reflection: What do you learn? What do you like the most? 


    Power Point and Information:

    Due: Tuesday 11/27/18