Vals 2021

    Congratulations to our 31 Class of 2021 Valedictorians!

    (essentially half of our IB Senior Class!)

    Sydney Bauman - University of Florida, Chemical Engineering

    Sarah Bier - University of Florida, Biochemistry

    Nicole Braun - University of Notre Dame, Biochemistry

    Julia Charske - University of Florida, Nursing

    Merritt D'Aiuto - University of Central Florida, Forensic Science

    Alexis Dvorak - University of Florida, Biology

    Gabriella Hamilton - University of Florida, Chemistry

    Olivia Han - Swarthmore College, Sociology and Studio Art

    Aiden Hensel - University of Florida, Chemical Engineering

    James Humphrey - University of Florida, Biology

    Hunter Hutchinson - University of Florida, Chemical Engineering

    Abil Joseph - University of South Florida, Biology

    Sora Kang - University of Central Florida, Biomedical Sciences

    Alexander Kintzele - University of Florida, Finance

    Tarun Koti - Emory University, Biology

    Vassilios Koutsonikolis - University of Florida, Chemical Engineering

    Emma Lammens - University of Florida, Biology

    Caroline Merriman - University of South Florida, Business

    Sarah Milbrandt - American University, Materials Science and Engineering

    Mahan Miryala - University of Florida, Biomedical Engineering

    Ava Moring - University of South Florida, Biomedical Chemistry and English

    CeCe Nelson - University of South Florida, Biomedical Sciences

    Ainslee Nichols - University of Florida, Psychology: Behavorial and Cognitive Neuroscience

    Ebubechi Nwaubani - Harvard University, Chemistry

    Nirali Patel - University of Florida, Philosophy and Political Science

    Emma Kate Petersen - Michigan State University

    Dhruv Sakaria - University of Florida, Applied Physiology and Kinesiology

    Jae'da Samuel-McKnight - University of Florida, Computer Science

    Andy Shar - Virginia Commonwealth University, Forensic Science and Psychology

    Cassandra Sziklai - Cornell University, Human Development

    Genesis Wynn - University of Florida, Applied Physiology and Kinesiology 

      Mr. Hunter - Finalist FL TOY  

    Congratulations Mr. Hunter

    Finalist for Florida's Teacher of the Year

    IB Chemistry - Vanguard High School

    Click Here for a video on Trans-Atlantic Chemistry Lessons




    Welcome Home


     Socktober  Angel

    We Help Two + Socktober 2019

    The young lady pictured above is Angel. She is six years old, loves to sing, has a pet rabbit, and lives in Uganda. During the month of October, we are selling funky socks so her school tuition, uniform, and daily breakfast and lunch can be paid for.

    Join us for our fourth annual CAS project through We Help Two and Vanguard IB Socktober 2019! You can get your socks from a Socktober Team Member on campus for only $10 a pack, or you can order below online for only $12 a pack. And as an added bonus, for every pack of funky socks sold, we receive a pair of thick, warm socks to donate here in Marion County.


    See ALL of the styles and sizes at the link below, and contact Mrs. DeVilling for more information.


    Socktober Styles

    Order Socks Online HERE


     Vanguard IB Chemistry was highlighted 01/24/19 in The Ocala Star Banner!

    Real life application for IB Chem curriculum:

    IB Chemistry

    Vanguard IB Family  

    Want to know what's happening in our IB World School?

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    We Help Two Logo  Socktober

    We Help Two + Socktober 2018

    Join us for our third annual CAS project in efforts to provide artifical limbs to students in developing countries through We Help Two and Vanguard IB Socktober 2018! For only $12 a pack, you can help us bring dignity & mobility back to a young person's life, as well as to provide warmth in the cooler months for someone here in our community. See ALL of the styles and sizes available in the IB Office.

    Fun socks to wear + warm socks to share! We Help Two Video

    Click Here to Order Online: Socktober 2018


                               IB @ FBLA   Saleem

    "First Place: Vanguard High School" 45 times at District FBLA!

    Congrats to all of our Vanguard IB students who competed!

    THANK YOU to Saleem, our VHS FBLA President and District 7 FBLA President!

      District Sunshine State Scholar for Math and Science

      Anna Sunshine State Scholar

    Congratulations Anna!

    (That's THREE YEARS in a ROW for Vanguard IB!)

      Angela @ Science Fair   Andy @ Science Fair

    Congratulations IB Siblings Angela and Andy!

    First and Second Place at Regional Science Fair

    and BOTH going to State Science Fair!


    Anna & Kristine  Awesome Kids  Ashley & Sarah  Business  Julianna & Carlie  Lindsey & Emily


     Vanguard IB: Local Education, Global Experience


            Nardin  Esther  Jake  Danielle  Lizzy  


    Vanguard IB Alumni Testimonials Link ---> What Vanguard IB Did For Me 


    Congratulations Vanguard IB Class of 2017

    91% Diploma Pass Rate 


      FBLA 2017        Academic Team 2017         Debate 2017  


        VHS 2011-2016 AP Pass Rates vs. Other District High Schools 

    AP Pass Rate Comparison


    We Help Two+Socktober 2017 Success:

                                        Philip from Kenya                                        Richmond from Ghana

         Philip from Kenya      Philip from Kenya      Richmond from Ghana

    During the 2017-2018 school year, Vanguard IB had the opportunity to help these two young men receive artificial limbs thanks to our partnership with We Help Two and our annual Socktober event. These two young men's lives have been changed forever! We were also able to donate close to 100 pairs of warm socks to the ICU at Shands Hospital in Gainesville. THANK YOU to everyone who purchased socks back in October 2017 and helped us reach our goal. We look forward to hosting this CAS project again this coming fall and to having another successful Socktober event! 

     VANGUARD IB on YouTube