• Week of November 12 - 16, 2018 

    Progress Reports were sent out today (Monday). All work that was submitted through today has been recorded in Skyward.


    • Tutoring with specific students, those that returned the letter, will be every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:55pm - 4:55pm. We will pack up and walk down to the front car loop promptly at 4:55pm.
    • Open tutoring will be every Wednesday until 4:30pm. We will pack up and walk down to the front car loop promptly at 4:30pm

    If a student tells me they are a walker, they will set out for home at that time. Please understand that I am relying on your student to know what the appropriate arrangements are - if there is an issue that day, please email me and I will respond so that you know the message was received.

    REMINDER: All students received a 1 inch binder and a set of 5 tabs and should be using these supplies to organize his/her math work. Also, the Syllabus and a signature page was sent home on Monday, October 29, 2018. All students should be reviewing the information with his/her family and returning the signature page.

    I have purchased earbuds for all of my students and have also provided a pair to the students that said they needed them in this class. Earbuds need to be available for use on an as needed basis. 

    This is our tentative schedule for this week:

    • Monday - 11/12
      • Last Chance to turn in Assn #7
      • Take Notes/One Step Equations - Math to English
      • Assn #9 - 13.3 & 13.4 Practice A, 13-21 odd on BOTH
    • Tuesday - 11/13
      • Last chance to submit Assn #8
      • Assn #9 DUE
      • Check Assn #7, #8, #9
      • Assn #10 - One Step Equations - All Four Operations
      • -> Optional: work on one of the seven computers to finish iReady lessons and/or vocab
    • Wednesday - 11/14
      • Check Assn #10
      • Take Notes/Two Step Equations
      • Assn #11
    • Thursday - 11/15
      • QUIZ - Combine Like Terms, Identify Terms
      • More work on Two Step Equations
      • Assn #12 
    • Friday - 11/9
      • Check Assn #12
      • More work on Two Step Equations
      • -> Optional: work on one of the seven computers to finish iReady lessons and/or vocab

    Happy Thanksgiving/Fall Break! I hope you enjoy your time together.