• Week of November 12 - 16, 2018 

    Progress Reports were sent out today (Monday). All work that was submitted through today has been recorded in Skyward with the exception of last week's Bellringer, I am still reviewing those.


    • Tutoring with specific students, those that returned the letter, will be every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:55pm - 4:55pm. We will pack up and walk down to the front car loop promptly at 4:55pm.
    • Open tutoring will be every Wednesday until 4:30pm. We will pack up and walk down to the front car loop promptly at 4:30pm

    If a student tells me they are a walker, they will set out for home at that time. Please understand that I am relying on your student to know what the appropriate arrangements are - if there is an issue that day, please email me and I will respond so that you know the message was received.

    REMINDER: Students are required to spend 45 minutes per week on iReady lessons.  Our "week" for iReady runs from Monday - Sunday and these lessons can be worked on from home if needed. Normally, Monday and Friday we have a minimum of 30 minutes dedicated to iReady time, so there isn't a need to work at home if students are on-task in the classroom. ALSO: There is a grade in Skyward that represents the average score that each student is earning on the grade level lessons that they are doing in iReady. Since this is work that is at the grade level he/she has tested at, the scores should be 75% or above. In spite of telling the students to stop and ask for help, several are just moving on ahead and then failing the lessons. Please encourage your student to take the lessons seriously and to ask for help when needed - we're not just trying to get 45 minutes done, we're trying to close gaps.   Please see the pdf shown at the bottom of the page concerning signing on to iReady at home. Two students have had questions regarding how to get into the program.  

    I have purchased earbuds for all of my students. If students are using earbuds that I purchased, I am requiring them to leave them in the math folder here in the room. As always, students are free to use his/her own earbuds and can then take them with them when they leave the room.

    This is our tentative schedule for this week:

    • Monday - 11/12
      • Skyward Grade Check
      • iReady Work - Fractions
    • Tuesday - 11/13
      • Geometry - Classifying Shapes
    • Wednesday - 11/14
      • Geometry - Quadrilaterals
      • Last day to turn in Fraction Packet
    • Thursday - 11/15
      • iReady TODAY, working on teacher assigned Geometry lessons
    • Friday - 11/16
      • Geometry - Partioning Shapes

     Have a Happy Thankgiving/Fall Break! I hope you enjoy your time together.