• Subject            Object             Possessive         Possesive          Reflexive or Intenssive

    Pronouns           Pronouns           Adjectives         Pronouns           Pronouns

    I                            me                         my                         mine                      myself

    you                        you                        your                       yours                      yourself

    he                          him                        his                         his                         himself

    she                        her                         her                         hers                       herself

    it                           it                            its                          its                          itself

    we                         us                           our                        ours                       ourselves    

    you (all)                 you (all)                  your (all of)            yours (all of)           yourselves

    they                      them                       their                       theirs                     themselves           


    There are not such words as "hisself" and "theirselves"!!!


    Week of November 5-9, 2018

    Remember that classes may work at varying rates and therefore may not be on the exact same lesson at the exact same time. 


    Monday, 11/05/18




    Journal Entry #14

    1. micro- = small, tiny

    2. mega- = large, huge

    3. hyper- = over, above, excessively


    Planner Entry: H.W. is due Friday, 11/09/18.


    Classwork:  Copy entry 2.5 from pages R36 and R37 in your textbook into your journal.


    Tuesday, 11/06/18

    • Read the lesson on page 92 in the textbook together.

    • Discuss the proper use of reflexive/intensive pronouns.

    • Complete #1-#5 at the bottom of page 92 on notebook paper.  Head properly, grade, and turn in for a grade.

    • Copy and following terms and meanings from the textbook:

    • Page R.61- Argument

    • Page R. 63- Claim

    • Page R. 65- Evidence


    Wednesday, 11/07/18 (Periods 1,3,5)  or  Thursday, 11/058/18 (Periods 2,4,6)

    • Read "Wild Animals Aren't Pets"  and "Let People Own Exotic Animals" in your textbook.

    • Complete selection test for the two articles- Multiple-choice, open-book, #'s 1-10, add page numbers.