• The timesheets must be done correctly for state auditing purposes. The penalties are costly. See Mr. B in Logistics, 06-09 if you need help.

    Fill out the top and bottom of the timesheet completely.

    • Timesheet must be signed at the bottom by a supervisor and the printed name be the same as the signed name.
    • Timesheet must be dated.
    • Timesheet must have business name.
    • Each week must have your minimum required hours. See Mr. B if you have a problem with hours.


       Employee Evaluation

    The example below shows how times should be entered.  Do not enter your birthdate. (You will be unable to enter a time past 11pm.)  There must be a space between time and am/pm. If you get a ###### for a total, you have done something incorrectly . (You probably left out the space between the time and am/pm.)  



    Timesheet Sample