• Public Service Announcement Project

    A public service announcement (PSA) is an advertisement that’s created without money with the objective of raising awareness, by changing public attitudes and behavior toward a social issue.

    Though Atticus didn’t create a PSA, he did try to change people’s ideas regarding racism during the 1930s. You can think of what a PSA might have looked like regarding the issues he faced.

    There are many issues plaguing society today. You will be working in groups of four to research one and create a PSA in the form of a commercial (45-60 seconds) and print advertisement (8.5 x 11) to present to the class.

    To create an effective PSA, you must determine your goal and what you hope the audience will accomplish.

    I would encourage you to research PSAs online. You are probably familiar with some of the really sad animal videos, but there are others as well. You may choose to model your PSA on these.

    You will receive grades throughout the project timeline as well as a major grade for the final project. The dates throughout the project are due by the date indicated. The project may be handed in or emailed, so you are required to submit it even if you do not see me on a given day. Make sure that you make the necessary arrangements. Also, it is a group project, so you only need to hand in one copy per group, and the excuse of one group member not being present will not be accepted. Work together. You can always submit the different parts of the project in advance with the exception of the final presentation.

    Step 1: You will brainstorm ideas with your group. You will also ask 10 adults and 10 high school students about what they feel is the biggest issue our society is facing and needs educated about. This research along with your selected topic is due by 11/18. I WILL NOT TAKE IT LATE. It should be posted on Google Classroom.

    Step 2: You will research information connected to your topic. Statistics and figures help and add credibility to your final product. Find info from at least five credible sources. Make sure that you create a bibliography to turn in with your final project. This is due by 11/22 via Google Classroom from one person in your group. Make sure all of your names are on it.

    Step 3: You will design your PSA on your selected topic. You should have a tagline that fits your purpose. Determine your goal, your audience, and the specific action you want your audience to take. Think about how you plan to target that specific audience. You should also determine how you plan to use ethos/pathos/logos and be able to identify it. This is also due by 12/4 via Google Classroom from one person in your group. Make sure all of your names are on it.

    Step 4: You will create a rough draft of your commercial in the form of a storyboard. Think about what you want each frame of your commercial to say and draft it out. It does not have to be perfect, and you can draw stick figure representations for people. You will also have a rough draft of your print advertisement. This, again, is a rough draft and may use stick figures. I want to see the placement of the pictures, taglines, and text. I should have a good working knowledge of your intentions and everything that will be said. This is due by 12/4 so that I can approve it. This is due via Google Classroom.

    Step 5: You will turn in your final product through a presentation. This will consist of your group giving the presentation of why you decided to focus on your issue as well as airing your commercial and showing your print advertisement. This is a formal presentation where everyone must talk. I would also encourage you to know what you’re going to say and when you’re going to say it so that you don’t read it off the screen. I would also encourage you to dress professionally. You will receive a grade on the presentation as well as the final product. The final presentation will be on 12/16 & 12/17. You will want to send me the presentation prior to class.


    Important notes:

    If you do not submit a formatted reference page with your final, you will receive a zero. 

    If you do not turn in a rough draft, you will not receive credit for a final draft (AKA that will count as your rough draft).

    I will not accept late work.