• UNIT 4:  Cell Structure/Function and Immune Response


    Agenda Week of Oct. 29

    M:      Chapter 2 Test

              Study Guide Worksheets for lessons 3.1-3.2 - DUE Th/Fri

    T/W:  Cell Theory Timeline

              Timeline Instructions

              Microscope PP and student notes (get notes from Mrs. T.)

              Microscope PP

              Notebook Check - Bring to Mrs. T. once complete

    Th/F: Cells Video assignment using chrome books

              Cells Quick lab using microscopes

    Next Week:  Lessons 3.1-3.2 Quiz on F/M


    Agenda Week of Nov. 5

    Mon/Tues:   A. Sisters Tour of the Cell - worksheet in video packet from last week

                        Cell Organelle Power Point and Notes

                        Cell Organelle PP

                        Cell Organelle PP Notes

                       *Last day for notebook checks

    Wed/Thurs: Assemble Cells and Organelles Table (cut and paste)

                        Cell Organelle Politcal Poster - DUE Tues/Wed next week

                        Poster Instructions

    Fri:              3.1-3.2 QUIZ

                        Time to finish microscope lab and chrome book assignment (1/2 class period) 

                        3.3-3.5 study guide pages distrubuted

                        Amoeba Sisters Cell Membrane video

                        Start assembling cell membrane models


    Week of Nov. 12

    Mon:            3.1-3.2 Quiz

                        Microscope Lab and Video Assignment DUE TODAY

                        3.3-3.5 study guide pages distributed

                        Amoeba Sisters Cell Membrane Video

                        Start assembling cell membrane models - DUE TH/F

    Tues/Wed:  Political Posters DUE TODAY

                        Complete guided notes for sections 3.3-3.4 - DUE TH/F

                        Cell Transport Notes

    Th/Fri:         3.3-3.5 worksheets and cell membrane model DUE TODAY

                         Cell Membrane Bubble Lab - 100% assignment completion required to participate

    COMING UP:  Chapter 3 Test Wed/Th, Nov. 28, 29


    THANKSGIVING BREAK 11/19-11/23


    Agenda Week of Nov. 26

    Mon/Tues:     Test Review Day/Finish all work for chapter 3

                           Hon Bio Chpt 3 Study Guide

    Wed/Thurs:   Chapter 3 TEST

    Fri/Mon:        Begin Chapter 5 - Complete Cell Cycle coloring diagram



    Agenda Week of Dec. 3

    Mon:               Begin Chapter 5 - Complete Cell Cycle coloring diagram 

    Tues/Wed:     Mitosis Power Point Notes (only through slide #31 for now) - DUE TODAY

                          Mitosis PP - get notes from Mrs. T.

                          Amoeba Sisters Mitosis video with worksheet - DUE TODAY

                          A. Sis Mitosis worksheet

                          Mitosis coloring sheet - DUE M/T

                          Mitosis Coloring Sheet

    Th/Fri:           5.1-5.2 QUIZ

                          Mitosis Lab


    **IMPORTANT:  Science Fair presentation boards and report are due Monday and Tuesday next week!!


     Agenda Week of December 10

    Mon/Tues:      Science Fair Boards and Reports DUE - Mrs. T. has private conferences with students

                           Students work on completing chapter 5 worksheet packet - Due test day

                           Amoeba Sisters Cell Cycle and Cancer video (no worksheet)

                           Notes for asexual reproduction:  pros and cons, binary fission vs mitosis

                           Levels of Organization notes/video

                           Chapter 5 Study Guide

    Wed:               Chapter vocabulary assignments

     (1st, 5th p.)     Finish Chapter 5 worksheet packet - Due test day

                            Get notebook in order and checked off with Mrs. T.

    Thurs/Fri:        Check off Chapter 5 worksheet packet

     (4th p.)            Chapter 5 Test 

                             Immune System graphic organizer


    Agenda for week of Dec. 17

    Mon/Tues:        QSMA test

                             After QSMA test, access this immune system power point and complete the student notes:

                             Immune System Power Point #1

                             Student Notes for Immune System PP #1

                             Finish Immune System sheet - you picked it up after the test last week


    Wed:                Racing Extinction - Discovery Channel ecology video       


    Agenda for week of Dec. 31

    Mon-Wed:         Christmas Break :)

    Th/Fri:              Ted-Ed How Your Immune System Works video and questions

                            Ted-Ed Immune System Questions   

                            Immune System Power Point #2 and student worksheet

                                            Power Point:   https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1cVbai4YhXsu29FCSmbw3lxsG_OWLvMIHSi5a-qY0axQ/edit#slide=id.p

                                            Studnet Notes:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-KWCQnCO0EF5i-Lrj3ZXZAj4UxEjK1HsqVILNK6q2lQ/edit

                            Finish Chapter 31 vocab and question sheet from before break - Due Mon/Tues

                            Finish the immune system power point #1 student worksheet from before break - Due Mon/Tues

                            *NOTEBOOK CHECK NEXT PERIOD - no further class time provided to assemble - come                                         prepared!