• Hey Fellow Eagles,

    Hope this extended vacation finds you well. Please visit my website periodically for update to date assignments. All assignment will be based on 4th grade standards. 


    My office ours will be

    Mon-Friday  8:00am-9:00am



     You may also reach out to 

    Mr. Simmons-(MATH) markecio.simmons2@marion.k12.fl.us

    Ms. Rivera- (MATH)casey.rivera@marion.k12.fl.usImage result for school images

     Problem of the Day

    The Kuskokwim and Tana Rivers are located in Alaska. The Kuskokwm River is 724 miles long, and the Tanana River is 659 miles long. How much longer is the Kuskokwim River that the Tanana River?

    Your task is to solve and explain how you found your answer. You can submit a video, audio recording, picture and written explaination. I will be looking for those students who can show me their creativity in solving this problem. Good luck and have fun? Students encourage your parents and siblings to participate.