• You will submit your final research paper to www.turnitin.com. This will check for plagiarism. Sample TLA and APA organized papers can be found on Schoology for reference. The turnitin codes are below. Please make sure you submit to the correct class.


    1st Period:

    Class ID: 19507568

    Enrollment Key: TLA2018


    3rd Period:

    Class ID: 19507581

    Enrollment Key: TLA2018


    4th Period:

    Class ID: 19507590

    Enrollment Key: TLA2018


    A few things to note about the research paper:

    • You MUST have a reference page.
    • The reference page should match any sources cited throughout the paper and vice versa.
    • The paper should be formatted in APA style. You can access a template in MS Word. The computer version is much better than the online version.
    • Your paper should have a title page that is formatted correctly.
    • Your paper should have an abstract.
    • The title page and abstract DO NOT count in total word count for the paper.
    • This is a test grade in ALL of your EMIT classes.