• Need a letter of recommendation?

    Posted by Bobby Aultman on 10/24/2018

    Please complete the "Brag Page", turn that in to Mrs. Harris with a copy of your current resume.

    Please allow 7-10 days for an adequate letter to be composed.
    Complete this Brag Page to request a letter
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  • Dual Enrollment Steps

    Posted by Bobby Aultman on 7/27/2018

    #1 - Must complete 10th grade

    #2 - Must have 3.0 Unweighted Cumulative Grade Point Average
    #3 - Must have passing test scores for high school graduation (FSA/EOC)
    #4 - Must have passing college placement scores (PERT/ACT/SAT)
    #5 - Must complete online application at CF.edu prior to application deadline
    #6 - Must turn in signed parental consent form & official proof of test scores to guidance (parental consent form is emailed to you after the application is complete) prior to application deadline
    #7 - Must request transcript sent from front office of high school to CF (give 24 hours notice) prior to application deadline
    #8 - Must complete online orientation, schedule date to register
    #9 - Review class options online
    #10 - Must email selections to school counselor
    #11 - Follow up and confirm your selections on your MyCF portal
    Questions? After you have completed your application check your myCF portal to see what process needs to be completed next :)
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  • FAFSA Financial Aid Information Night (Date TBA)

    Posted by Bobby Aultman on 7/27/2018

    Annually a representative from the Florida Office of Financial Aid will come to VHS to explain the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). In addition to providing financial aid information to parents and students, they also explain the process of completing the FAFSA. This years workshop is scheduled for early January in our Student Union.  If at all possible... don't miss it!

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  • Prom

    Posted by Bobby Aultman on 5/24/2016
    Remember the senior year goes very fast, and we will quickly be approaching prom ticket sales.
    The prom will be on TBA at the Ocala Hilton.
    Ticket prices are still TBA.
    Remember students must be debt free and have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA to attend.
    Only 11th/12th graders can purchase tickets, however their dates can be younger. Please be sure you have met debt and GPA requirements before purchasing any items such as dresses for the event.
    We do have a strict dress code expectation that will be shared on slideshows during lunches well in advance of the dance as well as printed for students to pick up with their tickets. Do not purchase any attire until you are sure it meets the dress code expectations.
    purple rain   cinderella prom   
    akward prom   70s prom
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  • Schedule Changes!

    Posted by Bobby Aultman on 5/24/2016
    If you want me to change something on your course request form - that is the form completed in the spring for the following school year; 
    PLEASE EMAIL ME! Abigail.Harris@marion.k12.fl.us I will email you back after it's done (remember I do not work every day during the summer). Please remember to add your name (and student number) what class you want to add and what class to delete. Please do not leave me a voice mail.
    Course changes will be most easy to accommodate before August 1st.
    Any requests made after school starts will be reviewed during the first week of the semester
    Requests after the tenth day of school will need administrative review.
    **Classes will not be changed for a different teacher, a different period of the day or for a different lunch.
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  • FSA/EOC Testing!

    Posted by Bobby Aultman on 3/24/2016
    VHS will begin testing in late March. Testing will take two days for each student. 
    Algebra EOC Retakes will be in late October. (Remember an Algebra EOC passing score or equivalent is required for graduation in the state of FL). ***August 2020 - Per COVID - Students can use the Algebra or the Geometry Florida State Assessment End of Course Exam (FSA/EOC) as their graduation requirement.***
    Stay tuned for an exact schedule.
    keep calm, test on
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  • Counselor Visits

    Posted by Bobby Aultman on 6/9/2015
    As a school counselor, I feel it is important students interact with me in my office and in the classroom, as well as on campus.
    Part of my mission to make sure I get the most information to the most students, I make small group presentations at least two times each school year. In the fall I typically meet with students in their English classes, in the spring I see them in History classes. These small group presentations consist of less than 15 students for more than 100 minutes.
    Class presentations include (but are not limited to):
    • Each student receiving an individual printout of the grades & test scores they have earned to date in their high school career, including their current grade point averages.
    • Graduation; requirements, checklists & myths
    • How to check grades & test scores, THE PORTAL
    • Each student receives a Florida Next Trend College and Career Preparation Magazine, and a thorough review of its contents, including Bright Futures information and college/university expectations, deadlines and some projected costs. Information about career prep and money management is also included.
    • An activity to review information on scholarships, community service expectations, the difference between state universities, colleges, state colleges, vocational/trade schools and private institutions.
    • ACT vs SAT; how to sign up and the differences between the tests
    • How to contact me & how to navigate my website

    school counselors

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  • Tutoring???

    Posted by Bobby Aultman on 10/16/2014
    Always start with your assigned classroom teacher.
    If your teacher is unavailable, you are welcome to seek assistance from another teacher (be sure to ask their schedule of availability).
    If you need additional resources, please contact the guidance office.
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