• Figurative  Language

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    Week of October 22-26, 2018

    Please remember that Wednesday is an early release day.  


    Monday, 10/22/18

    Journal Entry #12

    • mal- = bad or evil

    • ben- = good or positive

    • agri- = farming


    Planner Entry:

    H.W. due Friday, 10/26/18-  See Journal Entry #12


    Monday - Friday



    • Find and write definitions for each of the following terms:

    1. figurative language

    2. simile

    3. metaphor

    4. personification

    5. hyperbole

    6. idiom


    • Smartboard Lesson- Figurative Language and Imagery


    • Level-Up Tutorial- Figurative Language


    • Project:

    Students will work in pairs to find an interesting picture in a magazine.

    They will cut it out and paste it onto a large piece of paper folded and marked in quarters.

    Partners will work to write sentences containing simile, metaphor, personification, and their choice of hyperbole or idiom, using the illustration as their inspiration.

    This work will be posted in the hallway.