• R.A.F.T.             Get out a blank piece of paper

    You are writing a letter during the protestant reformation trying to convince your friend, lover or other people of your town to either create a new church or stay with the catholic church?

    You have three options for points of view to write from:

    1. You can follow King Henry VIII who is forming the protestant church of England to divorce his wife. His daughter Bloody Mary then starts killing all protestants.
    2. You can follow Martin Luther who is forming the Lutheran Church because the sale of indulgences agers him, he is writing his 95 theses and is preaching to read the bible for yourself
    3. You can stay in the Catholic church, and discuss how King Henry VIII and Martin Luther are going against God’s word.

    Include the following

    • What is the protestant reformation?
    • What is the church you are forming?
    • Who is leading this change?
    • Why are you following this person?
    • Why is religion important to you?
    • How has the printing press effected your cause?
    • What are indulgences?
    • Include at least 3 details from your notes