• 11/26-11/30

    Posted by David Rau on 11/26/2018

    This week we discussed the law of sines and law of cosines


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  • 11/12-11/16

    Posted by David Rau on 11/11/2018


    Today we discussed how to solve for an angle using inverse functions,

    as well as find sides of special right triangles


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  • 11/5-11/9

    Posted by David Rau on 11/4/2018

    11/5 and 11/6

    These days we completed a review guide for our test Wednesday and Block Day 

    Study Guide Filled



    Today we introduced trigonometry with some geometric review

    trig intro 

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  • 10/29-11/2

    Posted by David Rau on 10/29/2018

    Today we continued to discuss the multiplying of matrices and introduced the determinant


    2 Khans Matrix multiplication, determinant of 2x2



    Today we solved systems using matrices and discussed larger determinants

    Solving systems

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  • 10/22-10/26

    Posted by David Rau on 10/21/2018


    Today we reviewed vectors and applied these concepts to real life situations

    Vector Word Problems



    Today we introduced matrices and reviewed systems of equations

    The goal of today is to identify the dimensions of a matrix, add, subtract, and combine with multiplication


    5 Khans, they take a bit of time, but should not be too difficult



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  • 10/16-10/19

    Posted by David Rau on 10/15/2018


    Today we introduced vectors, how to add them, subtract them, and find their magnitudes as well as a few other things.


    tomorrow is your work day with a sub. be sure to work hard on your assignments with your shoulder partner. YOU and only you are responsible for what you learn :) 



    Today we did a lot of learning! We found out how to find the direction of a vector, find the angle between two vectors, write vectors as a magnitude and direction, and finally add vectors when they're given as magnitudes and direction

    Vector Angles

    Book Check For Understanding: Pg. 445: 5-7,9,17,18

    Khan: Add vectors, magnitude and direction

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