• 11/26-11/30

    Posted by David Rau on 11/19/2018


    Today we talked about absolute max and min on CLOSED intervals

    Find test points, find critical points, and one is a min and one is a max, or there is a tie. 

    On a closed interval, there is ALWAYS a min and max so long as the function is continuous and differentiable. 


    1 khan assignment



    Today we talked about abs max and min on a functions entire interval

    We must analyze critical points and the intervals of increasing and decreasing to determine if a point is actually a max or min. Sometimes a function has one or the other, and sometimes a function has none!


    1 khan assignment.



    Today we talked about concavity briefly and focused on inflection points, the points where a function may change in concavity.

    Inflection Points and Concavity

    3 Khan assiggments. 

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  • 11/12-11/16

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    Today we recapped critical points and begain to get more detailed with increasing and decreasing intervals

    Critical Points


    Today we discussed increasing and decreasing intervals 

    Inc Dec

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  • 11/5-11/9

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  • 10/29-11/2

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    Today we introduced the topic of related rates

    Related Rates intro

    3 khans these are vital to understand the properties needed to solve the later problems



    Related Rates with multiple rates



    Related rates the craziest problems



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  • Derivatives Study Guide

    Posted by David Rau on 10/22/2018
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  • 10/16-10/19

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    Today we introduced implicit differentiation and Position, Velocity, and Acceleration questions


    Be sure to study the notes, tomorrow is your work day and I won't be at school. Study well, get help and succeed at all the work! YOU and only you are in charge of your success



    Today we continued to discuss particle motion and Position, Velocity, Acceleration



    Finish all khan's from wednesday


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