MyON Fall Break Reading Challenge~~


    The students in each grade who read the MOST MINUTES on MyON will win a free book from Ms. Gokee and a visit to her Treasure box!!!


    The CLASS in each grade will win a free Makerspace time with Ms. Gokee!


    Enjoy your break and READ ON~~  Ms. G

    The top Library book checked out is a tie between

    Dog Man Unleashed and


    STEPS readers—we have two students who have reached their 100 steps this quarter!!! Congrats to Emily B. and Zackery Skipper, both from Ms. Sundberg’s class, for reaching their 100 steps by reading nightly and completing their STEPS reading logs properly. Great job, kids. They received their first ‘foot’ and necklace, along with a visit to Ms. Gokee’s treasure library box.