• Moses Week of 12/3/18

    Monday, 12/3/18. Topic: Hebrews. This week we'll be starting a new unit on the ancient Hebrew people. We will be covering pages 202-207 in the textbook. I have placed the chapter in Google Classroom if anyone needs an online version. No HW.

    Tuesday, 12/4/18. Topic: Hebrews. Today we'll finish the vocabulary and continue working through pages 202-207. HW: Reread pages 202-203 and answer p. 207, #1a and 1b.

    Wednesday, 12/5/18. Early Release Day. Students will continue taking notes on the key people in Hebrew history. HW: Reread 205-207, and answer p. 207, #2a, 3, 4a.

    Thursday, 12/6/18. Activities for today and tomorrow depend on how far we get. Please check back later.

    Friday, 12/7/18. Quiz on Hebrews, Lesson 1.