• Shi Hunag-di Week of 11/26/18

    Monday, 11/26. Topic: China, Lesson 3. Qin Unites China. This is the last lesson in the China unit.  We will be covering pages 172-176 and pages 187-189, the section on the Silk Road. There will be a test on Friday. Please click here to watch some or all of the short review videos. I will also post a video of the classroom activities later on that you can watch as a review. Click here to download the Guided Outline that students will be completing in class. 

    Tuesday, 11/27. Topic: Qin Unites China. Today we will finish the Guided Outline that was started yesterday. If time permits, we'll begin a short graphic organizer that shows how the policies of Qin Shi Huang-di helped to unify and strengthen China. HW: Read pages 169-171 and complete the Philosophical Belief Systems question set. Click here to get a fresh copy. 

    Wednesday/Thursday Block. Topic: Qin Unites China. Today we'll watch the review videos as well as a video about how silk is made. We'll also cover pages 187-189 about the Silk Road. We will also pull out the pages from our folders that students can use to study for tomorrow's Unit Test on China. Extra credit HW: p. 176, #2a, 2b and 2c.

    Friday, 11/30. Topic: China Unit Test. Students will go to the computer lab to take their unit test on China and then have time to work on their Storyboards.