• dragon Week of 11/12/18

    Monday, 11/12/18. Topic: China's Dynasties and Ideas. Students will be covering page 166-171.  Click here to see the classroom SMART Board lesson. We will be learning new vocabulary and focusing mostly on Confucianism and its impact  on China.

    Tuesday, 11/13/18. Topic: China. Students will be breaking down the three main Chinese philosophies in their notes. Click here to download a copy of the notes. HW: p. 171#1a and 2a.

    Wednesday/Thursday Block. Topic: China. We will look at Google Earth lesson on the Great Wall of China. Then we'll complete a map atlas lesson. HW: p. 171, #2b and 3b. 

    Friday, 11/16/18. Topic: China Lesson 2 Quiz. We'll review the week's work and take a short quiz. 



    China, Lesson 2 classroom video

    Chinese philosophies notes page

    Philosophical belief systems Question Set