• China map Week of 11/5/18

    Note: Click here to make up last week's Asoka DBQ Test. You will need your Asoka packet and your own paper and pencil.

    Monday, 11/5/18. Topic: China. Students will begin the unit on China with Lesson 1 on geography and early China. They will begin with vocabulary and then we'll start reading through pages 160-165.  Please have them read this section at home as well. There will be a quiz on Friday on the information we cover this week

    Tuesday, 11/6/18. Topic: China. We will continue working through pages 160-165 by taking notes on the positive and negative effects of China's geography. HW: p. 165, #1a and 2a.

    Wednesday/Thursday Block, Topic: China. Students will complete an activity in which they answer a question from the text, and then devise and answer their own follow-up questions. They will do a set of questions from each section in pages 160-165. HW: p. 165, #2b and 3a. (Click here to see Lesson 1 from the classroom.)  Click here to download the Questioning activity.

    Friday, 11/9. Topic: China, Lesson 1 Quiz. Today we'll review the material from this week and take a short quiz.