• Warrior Week of 10/29/18

    Monday, 10/29. Topic: Indian Religions Review. We will review last week's information on Hinduism and Buddhism. Then we will begin a Document Based Question activity. Click here to download the packet we will be using this week. Students will be analyzing primary source documents to determine whether or not a historical King in India, Asoka, be remembered as a ruthless conqueror or an enlightened leader. Today we will be reading and annotating the Background Essay. Click here to see a list of all the videos in the Asoka DBQ lesson.  NO HW this week. 

    Tuesday through Thursday, Topic: Asoka, Ruthless Conqueror or Enlightened Ruler. Students will continue working through the process of answering the analytical question about Asoka. We will end with a few well-written paragraphs on Friday.

    Friday, 11/2. Wrap up the writing process of the DBQ and take an open packet test.