Wall of Fame

  • These are the AR goals that the library will be tracking this year (2019-20). If not otherwise stated, students need to have an 85% average or higher to achieve these goals. Students who achieve their goals will have their name and school picture featured on the morning announcements, as well as the small prize listed below. Because AR started up so late this year, there will be no WoF for the first quarter.



    4 tests per quarter with 80% accuracy


    First Grade

    Quarter 2: 9 points

    Quarter 3: 9 points

    Quarter 4: 7 points


    Second Grade

    Quarter 2: 50,000

    Quarter 3 - Quarter 4: 60,000


    Second Grade Gifted

    Quarter 3: 70,000

    Quarter 4: 80,000


    Third Grade

    Quarter 2: 125,000

    Quarter 3: 150,000

    Quarter 4: 150,000


    Fourth Grade

    Quarter 2 - Quarter 4: 200,000


    Fifth Grade

    Quarter 2 - Quarter 4: 250,000





    End of 1st Grading Period


    End of 2nd Grading Period


    End of 3rd Grading Period

    Free Book ($6 and under) at Book Fair

    March Book Fair (for students who have earned a prize and have on average 85% by the second book fair)

    Freeze Pop

    End of 4th Grading Period