• Algebra 1 Quarter 3

    Jan 4 Review graphing – systems inequalities

    Jan 4 Review Slope-y intercept

    Jan 7 Real World Quadratic equations and functions

    Notes Real World Quadratics

    Jan 8 I-ready testing

    Notes I ready

    Jan 9 Factoring  I READY

    Jan 11 Factoring and Key Features 

    Factoring and Key features

    Jan 14 Square rt to solve quadratic  


    Jan 15 Complete the square

    Jan 15Notes Complete the Square

    Jan 16 Quadratic Formula

    Jan 16 Quadratic Formula

    Jan 18  Derive the quadratic formula

    Jan 22 Quadratic Function in action

    Jan 22 NOTES Review Quadratics Key Features

    Jan 23 review

     Jan 25 assessment


    Jan 28   graphing quadratic functions

    Jan 28 Observations

    Jan 29   discriminant and nature of zeros in quadratic functions

    Jan 29 Discriminant

    Jan 30   Graphing vertex form

    Jan 30 Discriminant Observation

    Feb 1    Graphing from a table

    Feb 4   Transformation of quadratics

    Quadratic Transformation

    Feb 5   Review transformations

    Review Bringing it Together

    Feb 6   Review

    Feb 8  Assessment-   POSTPONED!!!!!!! 

    Feb 11   Arithmetic Sequence

    Feb 11 Arithmetic Sequence

    Feb 12    Geometric Sequence

    Feb 13   Exponential Functions

    Feb 15   Graphing exponential functions

    Feb 19   Exponential growth and decay

    Feb 20    Review

    Feb 22 Review Quadratics 

    Feb 25 Assessment Quadratics 

    Feb 26 Compare Arithmetic and Geometric Sequence

    Exponential and Geom

    Feb 27 Exponential and Geometric Functions ( graphing transforming) 

    Exponential and Geom

    March 1 Model with functions

    March 4 QSMA 

    March 5 Assessment Exponential 

    March 6  Comparing Linear -Quadratic - Exponential FUNCTIONS 

    Summary Functions

    March 8  Comparing arithmetic and geometric sequence

    March 11  Exploring NON arithmetic and geometric sequence 

    March 12 Modeling with functions 

    March 13 ASsessment 


    SPRING BREAK       4th quarter begins

    March 25   Modeling with Functions

    March 26   piecewise function

    March 27   absolute value functions

    March 29   Graphing power funcitons/finding zeros of polynomials /end behavior polynomials 

    April 1  Recognize even and odd functions

     April 2  solutions to systems 

    April 3  review   

    April 5  assessment

    April 8  Empirical Rule

    April 9  outliers

    April 10 dot plots and histograms  

    April 12 box plots