• Jan 4 Graphing rational Functions

    Notes Graphing Rational Functions

    Jan 7 Operations with rational expression

    Notes Operations with Rational

    HW Rational Expression

    Jan 8 Solve rational Equation and systems of rational equations

    Notes Solving Rational Equations

    HW Solve Rational Equations and Systems

    Jan 9 Review

    Jan 9 review - answers to rational equations HW

    Review with answers

    Jan 10 Assessment

    Jan 10 review NOTES RADICALS

    Jan 14 Radical and rational exponents

    Jan 15 multiplying and dividing (binomial) radical expression rationalize denom

    Jan 15Notes Rationalize Denom

    HW Jan 15 Radicals

    Jan 16 graphing square root and cube root function

    Jan 16 Graphing Radical Functions

    Jan 17 solve radical equations

    Jan 22 composition and inverse

    Jan 23 review

    Jan 24 test radical functions

    Jan 28  Graphing exponential functions

    Jan 29 solving exponential equations with common bases

    Jan 30  Test 1

    Jan 31  Logarithms

    Feb 4   more with log  

    Feb 5   graphing log functions

    Feb 6  TEST 2

    Feb 7 Solving Log equations

    Feb 11  solving exponential equation using log

    Feb 12  REVIEW practice with exponential and log equations

    Feb 13   TEST 3

    Feb 14    Base e  and Natural logs

    Feb 19   Application of log and modeling

    Feb 20   review  

    Feb 21 Comprehensive test Exponential and Log functions

    Feb 25 Sets and Venn diagrams

    Feb 26  Probability and the addition rule

    Feb 27 Probability and independence

    Feb 28 Conditional Probability

    March 4  2 way frequency tables

    March 5   empirical and theoretical probability

    March 6    Test Probability

    March 7    statistics and statistical studies

    March 11   normal distribution empirical rule

    March 12  normal distribution and z tables

    March 13   review

    March 14   test statistics