• Welcome back!Art

    It's that time again back to Art Class!

    Do you want to learn how to create amazing artworks and have fun? This class is for you!

    My name is Mrs. Vazquez and I 'm going to be your art teacher.

    Together we will discover the wonderful world of fine arts. In our class you will identify different artists and art expressions. You will practice different techniques and used variety of materials. Students will understand that art is evrywhere, anytime for each of you to venture thru the eyes of art. 

    Art is fun and stress- free but it carries safety rules, working procedures, rewards, consequences, expectations,and assessments. 

    Welcome to... 

    A= Attitude  Be positive! come in ready to work.

             *Follow the procedures.

    R= Respect  Give it to get it! This includes materials and the artwork . 

             * Listen when others are talking.

    T=  Try your best. Efforts counts!

             * Put your artwork in the right place.


    The following materails needs to be added to your plastic box of schools supplies.

     * Watercolor paints or pencils

     * Small paint brush

     * Small cup to put water to clean the brushes (yogurt cup).

     * Small liquid glue (Elmers)

     * Modeling plasticine. (K-1st grades)



    On this workbook, we will practicing the different skills used in larger art projects. Take of it and put it in a safe place because this will be an important part of your grade.

    To contact me,please, following in this email vianela.vazquezrosado@marion.k12.fl.us