• Hello Chemistry Students!

    It's almost time for Winter Break!

    DO NOT FORGET:  Your PERIODIC TABLES are due this week.  These count as a major exam grade, so be sure not to forget to get them to me.
    ***All Students have until 3 pm Wednesday (the last day before Winter Break) to hand them in. 


    No Late Period Tables will be accepted without a valid excuse.


    Here is the Agenda for this week:

    *Mid-Term Exams


    Monday, Dec 17

    1st Block:  2nd Period EXAM
    CAT Period
    2nd Block:  4th Period class-regular
    3rd Block: 6th Period EXAM


    Tuesday, December 18

    1st Block:  1st Period EXAM
    CAT Period
    2nd Block: 3rd Period class-regular
    3rd Block:  5th Period EXAM

    Wednesday, December 19

    1st Block: 4th Period EXAM
    CAT Period
    2nd Block:  2nd Period class regular
    3rd Bock:  3rd Period EXAM



    Your mid-term exam will be a 75-questions multiple choice test. 
    Answers will be entered on a SCAN-TRON sheet.
     If you are unable to take the mid-term and have a valid excuse, please me or email me.  Thank you.