• Welcome to the National History Day project introduction. This is a mandatory project for my advanced classes. It will be done mostly independent at home. I will include a few opportunities at school to work on this project, but the majority of the research and writing will have to be done at home. If you don't have computer access, please let me know and we will arrange for accomodations.

    Attached please find the introduction and the first steps assignments.

    Due dates:

    10-16 Web Search page 9 in students handout (page 6 on website)

    10-30 Topic Proposal Form page 5 in student hand out (page 4 on website)

    10-30 Annotated Bibliography phase 1 page 17 in student hand out (page 11 on website)


    History Day Project - Step 1




    Theme Narrative


    How to do a research paper


    8 steps for research

Deciding on Paper or Exhibit

  • Now as the students narrow down their topic and choosing a theme, they need to decide if they want to do a research paper or an exhibit. Attached please find the requirements for both categories. This will help the students to make a decision of the format for their final project.

    Rules for Paper or Exhibit