• Biochemistry  Unit 3:  Biochemistry

    Agenda Week of October 1

    Mon/Tues:  Science Fair Research Paper Due

                        Finish ecological footprints - may turn in next period if needed

                                     Ecological Footprint Instructions

                        Types of Microscopes Notes

                                Types of Microscopes

                                     Lesson 2.1 Assignment (may turn in Friday/Mon if needed)

                                      Lesson 2.1 Assignment

    Wed/Thurs:  Macromolecules Power Point - complete student notes

                                       Macromolecules Power Point

                                       Macromolecules Power Point Student Notes

    Friday:          Science Fair Research Plan Due

                         Quarterly Assessment

                         Organize Notebook and show Mrs. T. for completion check

                         Turn in 2.1 assignment if you have not already


    Agenda Week of Oct. 8

    Monday:  Quartery Assessment

                    Organize Notebok and show to Mrs. T. for completin check

                    Turn in 2.1 assignment if you have not already

                    Turn in chapter 16 guided notes for quiz grade

    Tuesday:  Racing Extinction video with questions

                    Turn in chatper 16 guided notes for quiz grade

    Wed:        PSAT testing for all 10th graders.  

                    Racing Extinction video with questions for last period

    Th/Fri:     Completed paperwork for science fair from the Intel website DUE (see sci fair folder for rubric)

                    Alternate schedules to accommodate for homecoming activites


    Agenda Week of Oct. 15

    Monday:     No School

    Tue/Wed:   Wonderful Water Notes

                     Wonderful Water Notes

                     Properties of Water Doodle Notes

                     Properties of Water Lab - SUMMATIVE GRADE - due next period (TH/F)

                     Distributed Study Guide Worksheets for Chapter 2

    Th/F:        Amoeba Sisters Properties of Water video/worksheet - DUE TODAY

                     A. Sis Properties of Water

                     Chrome books to view Chemistry of Life PP and complete student notes - DUE TODAY

                     Chem of Life PP

                     Chem of Life PP NOTES

                     If Time:  Complete Organic Compounds notes (printed template from Mrs. T.) Refer to book and PP from last                     week. - will be due on test day next F/Mon

                     If Time:  work on Study Guide worksheets for lessons 2.1-2.3 - will be due on test day next F/Mon



    Agenda Week of Oct. 22

    Mon/Tues:       Chapter 2 Test is this Fri/next Mon

                             Test Study Guide

                            Have the Wonderful Water Notes and Water Doodle diagram completed

                            Lesson 2.4 sheet and lab - Due Today

                            Amoeba Sisters Enzymes video and worksheet - Due next period

                            A. Sis Enzymes worksheet

                            Chapter 2 Study Guide worksheets distributed - Due Test Day

                             Extra Credit Vocabulary assignment distributed- Due Test Day

    Wed/Thurs:     Enzymes PP and student notes - Due Today

                             Enzymes PP

                             Enzymes Doodle Notes - Due next period

                             Time to work on Chapter 2 Study Guide Worksheets - Due next period

    Fri/Next Mon:  Kahoot Review Game

                             Checking completion of Doodle notes and Study Guide worksheets

                             Chapter 2 Test

                             Start working on Chapter 3, Lessons 1-2 Study Guide worksheets