• Piggy Writing

    Week of September 24-28-2018


    Monday, 09/24

    • Journal Entry #7:

    • astro- = stars, heavens, space (Greek)

    • geo- = Earth (Greek)

    • phon- = sound (Greek)

    Planner Entry:  H.W. Due Friday- Use terms from Journal Entry #7.


    This week we are beginning an informational writing workshop, using pages 121-135 in our "Performance Assessment Workbook".

    Skills covered include the following:

    • We will be learn to read and understand a prompt, task, or assignment.

    • We will learn why and how to code text to gather information needed to accomplish our task.

    • We will begin learning how to plan for a well-organized, cohesive essay, including openings, body paragraphs, and closings.

    • We will begin to learn the importanc of  a clear main idea, sources, evidence, and elaboration.

    On Wednesday, students were given a chance to make-up or catch-up missing work.