• 9/24-9/25

    Lesson Essential Question: What do people need to know about volcanoes and their impact to the environment?

    1. Bell Ringer

    • Completed the anticipation Guide: Volcanoes

    2. Preview key vocabulary

    • Cause
    • Effect
    • Analogy
    • Magma
    • Lava
    • Caldera

    3. Cause and Effect Graphic Organizer

    • While viewing the video, collect information about volcanoes on the graphic organizer. 
    • On the graphic organizer, create an analogy: Volcanic eruptions are like ____________.

    4. Text Selection

    • Analyze the text titled "The Volcanic Explosivity Index" and answer the text-dependent questions.
      • 3-What are three factors used to determine the volcanic explosivity index (VEI)?
      • 2- What are two volcanoes that had a VEI about 6?
      • 1- What was your Most Valuable Point (MVP) from today?