• Renaissance Webquest

    Define the Italian Renaissance:

    What years did the Italian Renaissance span?

    Define humanism:

    How did humanism influence the renaissance?

    What two main ancient civilizations did the Italian Renaissance base its learning on?

    The Medici’s

    Who were the Medici’s?

    Why were they important to the renaissance?

    What does this tell you is an important factor in making art?

    Describe Cosimo de Medici? 



    Where was Michelangelo from?

    How did his father feel about him becoming an artist?

    What was his personal life like?

    Describe the biblical story the statue of David is based on

    Copy and paste a picture of the statue of David

    Who asked Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel?

    Where is the Sistine Chapel located?

    Copy and paste a picture of the chapel

    Describe the chapel?

    What do these two works of art tell us about Faith during the Renaissance?


    Leonardo Da Vinci

    Where is he from?

    He was a renaissance man.  What does that mean?

    How many works of art did he start and how many did he complete?

    Describe Da Vinci’s notebook

    What proof can you find that Da Vinci had ADHD?

    Copy and paste the Mona Lisa?

    Who is the Mona Lisa and where is she from?

    Copy and paste the last supper

    What does this tell us about Da Vinci’s faith?

    What was his personal life like?



    Who is Petrarch?

    Copy and paste a picture

    What did he accomplish?

    Why is he important