• 9/10/2018

    If you were the manager at a company and had received multiple complaints about one of your employees’ personal hygiene/grooming (bad hygiene/body odor/disheveled appearance/unkempt hair), how would you approach this employee/what would you say to them?

    ---> Exit Ticket: After reading through the Power Point that was presented on that day and understanding what things contribute to overall health and good appearance... What would you NOW say to the employee (did your response change?) and what advice might you offer them?



    List 3 routine decisions you make everyday (decisions you make without even thinking about them)

    Then list 3 majors decisions, either than you have already made OR WILL MAKE IN THE FUTURE.



    Why do you think it’s important to “know yourself” in regards to deciding your future career?


    9/13/2018 - 9/14/2018

    Write 3 personality traits to describe yourself