• Rewrite fairytale into the Greek play format.



    • Work in groups of 5
    • Assigned a Fairy Tale
    • Must rewrite it into Greek Play Format (at least 2 episodes + Final episode)
    • Must be memorized
    • Must have character analysis sheets
    • Must have costumes/props
    • Must show characterization


    Due Dates:

    • 9/24: Pick groups, Research fairytale, Write scripts, Assign parts
      • Parts: Group leader, Writer, Director, Costumer, Prop Master
    • 9/26: Continue working on script, Turn in a list of props and costumes
    • 9/28: Final typed scripts due (beg. of class), Roles assigned, Character analysis due
    • 10/2: Group practice, Groups to receive feedback by Acting 2 students
    • 10/4: Final performance for grade, Group evaluation due


    • Most grades will be a group grade EXCEPT for the character analysis and group evaluation. While certain people are responsible for certain pieces, it is up to the group to make sure everything comes together. The show must go on.