Cambridge Teachers-Language Arts

  • Mrs. Ardiles- 6th grade 

    Mrs. Croteau- 6th grade 

    Ms. Knight-  7th grade 

    Mr. McCallum- 7th grade

    Mr. Scanlon- 8th grade 

    Mrs. Apple- 8th grade 

Cambridge Teachers- Math

  • Mrs. Zahnd- 6th grade 

    Mrs. Cheshire- 6th grade

    Mr. Rivas- 7th grade 

    Mrs. Root- 7th grade 

    Mrs. O'Brien- 8th grade 

    Mr. Couch- 8th grade

Cambridge Teachers-Science

  • Ms. Murphy- 6th grade

    Ms. Paige- 6th grade 

    Mrs. Cannon- 7th grade

    Mrs. Kothmayer- 7th grade

    Mrs. Stuck- 7th grade

    Mrs. Griffin- 8th grade 

    Mrs. Scherer- 8th grade 

Cambridge Teachers-Social Studies

  • Mrs. Bissonette- 6th grade

    Ms. Stell- 6th grade

    Mrs. Flanagan- 7th grade

    Mrs. Kinder- 7th grade

    Mr. Cuebas- 7th grade

    Mr. Matthews- 8th grade

    Mr. Lindstrom- 8th grade

    Mrs. Lindstrom- 6th, 7th & 8th grade 

Cambridge Teachers-Electives

  • Chef Benavides- Culinary

    Ms. Conrad- Tv Production & Yearbook

    Mr. Florio- Computer and Business Applications

    Mrs. Huggins- Health Occupations

    Mr. Ness- Robotics 

    Mr. Reardon- Band and Chorus

    Mrs. Rowe- Agriculture and Agriscience