• Hello Parent(s) or Guardian(s),

    • Just a quick update:
    • Students have until the 19th of December 2019,  to turn in missing assignments, incomplete assignments, or assignments that were not turned in for the second quarter.  Students will receive half credit for those assignments. 

    Independent Reading Assignment 

    Independent reading is an important part of our class.  We will often devote 10-15 minutes of independent reading time in class.  You are accountable for using this time wisely.  Please read the notes below. 


    Expectation:  All students are required to read ONE, grade-level appropriate book every month


    • You will be able to choose your book, but it must be approved by the teacher
    • Many of you will want to read more than one book in a four-week period.  That’s great!  Be sure to complete the “Book Completion Form” for at least ONE book each month
    • Keep a log of your reading in your binder or in your planner (pg. 17).  There is also a Reading Log form online. 
    • Bring your book to class each day



    • The Independent Reading Introduction pageand an End of Book Form should be completed for at least ONE book each month. (Classwork grade, EACH) 
    • All WEEKLY assignments should be completed on a blank sheet of notebook paper, unless otherwise noted.  You are responsible for showing your best effort on these assignments. (Homework grade, EACH) 
    • BE NEAT! 



    “I have read the Expectations and Assignment description of Mrs. Jones’ Independent Reading program.  I am aware that my student will be REQUIRED to read a book, of his/her choice, every month and turn in the weekly assignments.” 


    PRINT Student Name:  __________________________________________________________ 

    Period #: _________ 

    Parent/Guardian Signature: ___________________________________________________ 

    Date:  ______________________________ 













    Independent Reading Introduction Page 

    Date ______________Name ________________________________________ 

    Title of book _______________________________________________________________________ 

    Author _____________________________________      Copyright date ________________________ 

    1. Genre (circle one)

    Science Fiction       Fantasy         Realistic fiction              Historical fiction            Humor/Comedy 

    Mystery          Adventure           Biography (special handout)            Thriller 

    1. Total number of pages in the book ________ 

    Weekly Goal: (How many pages you need to read EACH WEEK) (divide “total number” by four/4) 

    Week 1 _____Week 2 _____Week 3 _____Week 4 _____ 

    HINT: Record these page numbers in your agenda book so that you know what to read each week. 

    1. Why did you choose this book?


    _____ Liked the cover_____ Interesting title_____Read others by same author


    _____ Genre         _____ Recommended by a friend 


    _____ Recommended by an adult   _____ Other 



    1. How do you think this book fits with your reading abilities?


    _____ Easy to read_____ Just right_____ A challenge! 

    Explain your choice:



















    Independent Reading Menu 

    • Complete your reading goal and pick ONE ACTIVITY PER WEEK.  Be ready to hand in your work each Friday at the beginning of class
    • Write your activities on a sheet of clean notebook paper. 
    • Put the activity numberand the title of your book at the top of the paper. 

    Week One 

    Week Two 

    Week Three 

    Week Four 

    Reading Goal: 

    Reading Goal: 

    Reading Goal: 

    Reading Goal: 

    1.1: Make a list of at least three predictions for the book – think about characters, setting, and genre.  As you read the first few chapters, write down whether your predictions were accurate. 

    2.1: List three characters in the book so far.  Describe their physical appearance, importance to the story, and character traits. 

    3.1: Write a letter to a character in the book.  Include your reaction to the events in the book, your feelings about the character’s choices, and what you think the character should do now. (At least one page) 

    4.1: Theme is the underlying message of a piece of text.  Write a paragraph to express what you think is the theme of this book. 

    1.2: Write a list of at least five events that have happened so far.  Make a prediction about what the conflict, or problem, will be. 

    2.2: Make a list of six events in the story.  What caused each event?  What was the effect of each event? 

    3.2: Choose five interesting or unusual words from the book so far.  Create a word square for each, including definition, the word in a sentence, synonym and antonym (if possible) 

    4.2: Style is the way an author writes a text.  How do you feel about the author’s style in this book?  Is it formal or informal? Do you like the way the sentences sound? 

    1.3: The first few chapters of a book often contain a detailed description of the setting.  Find a page with many setting details.  Draw a picture of the setting.  Label at least five specific details from the text. 

    2.3: Describe an exciting event from the book as if you were a sports broadcaster (play-by-play) 

    3.3: Think about the relationship of the setting to the story.  Could this story have happened in another place?  Why or why not? 

    4.3:  Often, characters change as a result of events in a novel.  Describe the changes that a character went through in this book. 








    Name ______________________________________Date __________________ 


    End of Book Form 


    Complete this form if you have finished an independent reading book. 

    Title of book ______________________________________________________________________ 

    Author ________________________________# of pages __________________ 

    Would you recommend this book to other students?  Why or why not? (Be specific!)






    What was your favorite (or least favorite!) part about this book?








    On a separate sheet of notebook paper, complete one of the activities below.  (You may do more if you like!) NOTE: You may use the back of this paper. 



    Option 1Create a story map for this book.  Include the five story elements that we have talked about in class: characters, setting, conflict, plot (at least five (5) events), and theme. 


    Option 2: Write a letter to me about your reactions to this book.  Included information about how the main character changed throughout the book, how the ending was or was not surprising, how the conflict was resolved, and what you learned from reading the book.