• Week of September 17-21, 2018


    Monday, 09/17/18

    Journal Entry #5

    •  neo-=new or recent

    • multi- = many or much

    • trans- = across, through, or beyond

    Planner Entry:  H.W. due Friday, 09/21/18


    Periods 1-4

    • Re-read "A Night to Remember" with the recording, stopping to write reasons why the Titanic hit the iceberg, with page numbers.

    Periods 5 and 6

    • Level-Up Tutorial on "Context Clues" with class participation.

    Tuesday, 09/18/18

    • Continue gathering evidence of why the Titanic sank from "A Night to Remember" and the video provided.


    Wednesday, 09/19/18 (periods 1,3,5) and Thursday, 09/20/18 (periods 2,4,6)

    • We will be in the library for part of each period.

    • The balance of each period will be spent comparing, contrasting, and discussing the information for text and video.