North Marion Middle School Title I, Part A Parent and Family Engagement Plan

  • Mission Statement

    Our primary mission at North Marion Middle School is to find ways of enhancing each child’s learning opportunities.  We strive to work collaboratively with parents and families to nurture a love for learning and to help our students become lifelong learners.  We believe that each child should be given opportunities to achieve and be successful and understand active participation by parents and family will help promote this success. The SAC shares a responsibility of monitoring and developing activities to increase community involvement within the school.


    We will work together to establish effective family-school partnerships.  School and home must also work together to help ensure our students will achieve and succeed.  We are committed to ongoing, two-way, meaningful communication to help facilitate mutual understanding and to stimulate student success.


    North Marion Middle is committed to the success of our students.  We will work together with parents to monitor the effectiveness of our Parent and Family Engagement Plan and Title 1 programs to provide excellence in education.  This policy will be promoted by the administration, and other school staff as we seek active participation by our parents.

    Engagement of Parents

    Parents are encouraged to join and attend SAC/Parent Information meetings in which the Principal and SAC members will collectively develop the Parent and Family Engagement Plan.


    The Content Area Specialist and school dean will facilitate the implementation of the PFEP, with the on-going support of the administrative team.  Evaluation of the PFEP will be on-going and will be conducted during administrative team meetings and SAC meetings.  All parent and family input is valued and documented in SAC meeting minutes.  These minutes are uploaded to the school’s Title 1 Google Classroom and maintained for monitoring purposes.


    The SAC is made up of elected administrative team members and volunteers of teachers, parents and community members.  All SAC by-laws, and Florida Statutes are followed when electing members for SAC.  SAC meetings will be held quarterly – on the last Tuesday in September, November, January, and March.  The meetings will be held at 4:30 pm., in order to allow more community members to participate.

    Coordination and Integration with Other Federal Programs

    Title I Part A

    NMMS receives Title 1 funds based on free and reduced lunch counts.  Title 1 Part A funds are used to provide supplemental instructional material, equipment, and/or personnel to help students meet the rigorous state standard expectations.  Staff Development as well as Parental Involvement Trainings and workshops will be coordinated with Title 1, Part A.

    Title I Part C (Migrant)

    Guidance identifies all Homeless/Migrant students; coordinates with Migrant liaison to meet entire families’ physical, social and academic needs.

    Title I Part D (Neglected & Delinquent)



    Title II

    Staff and faculty members participate in district professional development opportunities.

    Title III - ESOL

    The administration will coordinate with Grants and Federal Programs and the ESOL department to identify students.  ESOL paraprofessionals are placed in our school to provide students with the appropriate academic support that they need to progress in learning a second language.

    Title IV Part A


    Title IV Part B (21st CCLC)


    Title IX Part C - Homeless

    Guidance identifies all Homeless/Migrant students; coordinates with the Homeless liaison to meet entire families’ physical, social and academic needs.

    Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY)


    Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

    Our school coordinates with the ESE and Students Services department of Marion County Public Schools.  Supplemental instructional support is shared with parents as they are invited and attend their child’s IEP meetings.  Teachers and staff will follow the MTSS policies and processes.

    Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program