• Week of September 10-14, 2018


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    Monday, 09/10/18

    Journal Entry #5

    • omni- = all

    • meter- = measure

    • thermo- = heat or warmth

    Planner Entry - H.W. due Friday.

    Periods 1,3,and5 :

    • Read "A Night to Remember", page 185 in your textbook.

    • Copy ALL vocabulary words and meanings from the margins and the bottoms of the pages EXACTLY  AS  WRITTEN!  There are 14 terms and meanings.  You will receive a grade for this work!  Make sure that you head your paper properly.

    Periods 2,4,6:

    • Presentations for "Mammoth Shakes and Monster Waves"  Students will receive grades today for speaking and listening skills.

    Tuesday, 09/11/18:

    • Complete presentations as necessary.

    • Read "A Night to Remember" with the recording.

    • Class discussion of the causal chain that led up to this disaster.

    Wednesday, 9/12 (Periods 1,3,5) or Thursday, 09/13/18 (Periods 2,4,6)

    Friday, 09/14/18

    • Turn in H.W.

    • Periods 1,3,5:  Write a short summary of "A Night to Remember" with citations in text.  Teacher will model...

    • Periodsa 2,4,6: Review on how to do my homework.