• Welcome to Hybrid Learning Platform! 

    I hope that everyone is doing well! 

    I have a new appreciation for live as I continue your education in this “Hybrid” way of teaching.  I am looking forward to the opportunity we will have to learn and grow together in this new way of teaching.

    Throughout the platform you will find information about the activities that you (student) need to work on and complete.  The resources for ensuring your success will be attached online on this platform.  The class will be conducted in this platform and everything for your success will be found here. 

    An online course is the much like a face-to-face course, it takes a significant time and commitment from you and me.  I expect you to spend time working on the material.  While there is a significant amount of reading, I have worked to make it all enjoyable. 

    Last, please contact me if you have a question at nigsa.munoz@marion.k12.fl.us or DOJO Class. My goal is to respond to messages as soon as possible.  But keep in mind that my instructional schedule will be from 7:40am to 2:05pm, Monday through Friday.  However, it is a goal and unforeseen circumstances can arise.  If you do not receive a response back within the 6 hours timeframe, resend the message as it may have gotten lost in cyber space. 

    I look forward to continuing teaching you!

    Love and miss you♥,

    Ms. Muñoz


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  • Below is a sample of a schedule that you can use.  This is based on a 7:40-2:05 school day:

    7:50-9:20-English Language Arts 

    • 20 minutes of independent or shared reading
    • 20 minutes of Iready reading
    • 30 minutes to work on reading tasks
    • 20 minutes of writing

    9:20-10:20-Physcial Activity (outside/inside games, craft, chore, etc)



    • 20 minutes of Iready Math
    • 30 minutes to work on math task
    • 10 minutes Prodigy or math fact practice


    1:00-1:30-Science Activities

    1:30-2:00-Social Studies Activities

    ***Make sure that you visit Web pages  and complete activities for:

    Coach Tesiero

    Ms. Smith

    Ms. Arce

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