• This is our daily schedule.  You will need to log your child in our zoom meeting in the mornings at 7:45 am and we should be good for the day.  

    If you need to log out at recess, lunch, specials or to complete ireadyreading or math/thinkcentral math you may use the

    same codes to log your child back in.  Please be sure to log in by 7:45 am so your child will be on time for school.


                            DAILY SCHEDULE


      7:45 -  7:55                 Welcome,  Attendance, Pledges, Sanford Harmony 

      7:55 -   9:25                Language Arts - CKLA Knowledge and CKLA Skills

      9:25 -   9:55                Social Studies  (Sanford Harmoni or SS Weekly)

      9:55 - 10:15                Recess

     10:15 - 10:50               Science

     10:50 - 11:15               Lunch

     11:15 - 11:45               Math

     11:45 - 12:05               Math 

     12:05 -  1:05                Specials (all on google classroom)

      1:05 -   1:35                Math  (10 each - iready math, ixl.com, iready reading)  These are not opened for Kindergarten yet.  Please do not                                        log in.  I will let you know when they are ready to use.  :)  


                                          Until the above is opened - please use think central math located on your child's portal 15 min

                                          and Starfall Alphabet letters  at Starfall.com  15 min.  Then sign back into our zoom for extra practice time or                                                enrichment time.

    1:35 - 2:05                    Enrichment or extra practice time.  

    2:05                               Dismissal