• Our district homework requirement for elementary schools is for the student to read or be read to for 20 minuters each night.

    The book should be one selected by the child.  You are encouraged to discuss the books with your child as your read.  

    Ask questions about who the main character is, what the main topic is and what details support that.  

    The roles of the author and illustrator are difficult for students to figure out, so talk about that as well as the genre of the book.  

    Children have trouble understanding that fiction means the story is made up and non-fiction means the text is true and informational, so that is a topic to discuss with each book.  

    To support reading, your child will be encouraged to read MYON books through their school portal. 

    I will be keeping track of the MYON books read and rewarding students reading.   


    AR and your child:  AR is now up and running. 

    Kindergarten students are required to read and quiz on 4 books per quarter to qualify for prizes from Mrs. Nash.   THIS IS NOT A GRADED ACTIVITY.  

    If your child chooses an AR book to read, you are more than welcome to take your child to the library to take an AR test.   Currently I do not have a parent that has volunteered to take students to the library to do AR.

    The library is open 7:35-7:45 for parents to help their child sign in to take an AR test.   Students are encouraged to answer the questions on his/her own with the books closed.  The students are not able to go into the library before school without a parent.   

    The library is open in the afternoon on certain days also for parents to take their children in to take an AR test. 

    If you have more questions about library hours, please contact Mrs. Nash, our school librarian.  


    Currently we do not have any parents from our class that volunteer for AR.  If a parent would like to volunteer to do AR with our class, please let me know.  A perfect time for this is Friday 8:30-9:30.  Once your child gets used to signing into their AR account, he/she may take a test in the classroom.  This usually happens in January if you have been taking him/her to the library and helping him/her sign in.  


    There will be projects assigned from time to time in the future.  


    Math:  I will be sending home math practice for each chapter we are covering at school.  Once a packet goes home, your child will have 2 weeks to complete the packet for a prize.