• Students are required to attend one play per semester. This is a largely weighted test grade. They can see any play that they'd like and find appropriate. The Ocala Civic Theatre produces numerous productions throughout the year and offers a student night the Wednesday before their mainstage opening. The Reilly Center also has performances in conjunction with Insomniac Theatre. CF also has several shows throughout the year. Most high schools and some middle and elementary schools also produce several plays throughout the year. I will try to inform students of these opportunities as they arise. Additionally, students may travel to other cities and view performances so long as they are a theatrical show (not dance, improv, Circque du Solei, theme parks, etc.). These shows should have a plot and dialogue.


    Students need to complete the attached form and also bring in their ticket stub and program to receive credit. Note: If a student attends the student night of The Ocala Civic Theatre production, they will not receive a program. They, however, are instructed to check in to obtain credit. 


    Students have known about this assignment since Day 1 of class. It is imperative that you plan in advance to avoid rushing at the last minute to find a show. 


    Performance Review Form