• The 9 Week Time Card and Employer Evaluation are Due by December 15th. Any time after will be late. This is your semester exam grade for OJT.

    The sheet must be entered through excel so that the program will calculate each day's hours. It cannot be hand written. It must be printed from the computer and then SIGNED BY YOUR EMPLOYER. 

    If there is no signature, you will automatically get a 50 or less.

    When you enter times on your 9 week time card make sure you enter it properly.

    9 PM for example will look like 9:00 PM

    Spacing and everything is important. The form will reject the entry if it's entered wrong. 

    If you worked a late shift that ran until midnight, enter 11:59 PM instead of midnight. For example 5:30 PM to 11:59 PM. The form doesn't recognize shifts that run until after midnight.