• Unit 2 Ecology

    Unit 2 Ecology

    Agenda: Week of Sept. 4

    1. Turn in Ecological Levels of Organization graphic organizer

    2.  Quadrant sampling analysis lab due

    3.  Work on Chapter 13 vocab

    4.  Amoeba Sisters Video worksheet - Food Chains, Webs, Energy Pyramids - due that classperiod

    5.  Ecological Pyramid model - due that class period

    6.  3 column notes -Types of Ecological Pyramids

    7.  4 box notes - Biogeochemical Cycles

    Chapt 13-14 Vocab


     Agenda : Week of Sept 10

    1.  Amoeba Sisters video:  biogeochemical cycles - use to complete notes

    2.  Owl Pellet Lab - analysis questions and graph due TH/Fri

    3.  Symbiosis notes and video

    4.  "Oh Deer" population activity (not second period) - analysis questions and graph due Mon/Tues

    5.  Interactive Reader Workbook -should be completing chapters 13 and 14

    CHAPTERS 13-14 Test is NEXT Fri, 9/21 and Mon, 9/24  Vocab and Interactive Reader workbook pages due test day!

     Use the following Power Point as you study for the test:

    Ecology Power Point


    Agenda:  Week of Sept. 17

    1.  Video notes for "How Wolves Change Rivers" - due that classperiod

    2.  Finish Interactive Reader pages, Chapter 14 guided notes, and Chapters 13-14 vocab

    3.  Video notes for Amoeba Sisters Ecological Succession - due that classperiod

    4 . Complete test study guide/extra credit

    5.  Chapters 13-14 Test

    Test Study Guide and Extra Credit


    Use the following videos as you study for the test:

    Ecological Relationships Video

    Ecological Succession Video

    Biogeochemical Cycles Video


    Agenda week of Sept. 24

    1.  Test for B day

    2.  Aquatic Ecosystems Power Point, notes, and quiz (2 classperiods)

    3.  Ecological Footprint Graphic Organizer - to be completed in class

    Directions for Ecological Footprint assignment


    Aquatic Ecosystems Power Point

    Aquatic Ecosystems Power Point Notes