• Unit 2  - Ecology Unit 2 - Ecology

    Agenda - Week of Sept 4

    1.  Turn in Ecological Levels of Organization graphic organizer

    2.  Turn in Quadrant Sampling analysis lab

    3.  Work on completing Chapter 13 vocabulary and Study Guide pages

    4.  Crash Course video questions:  Ecosystem Ecology

    5.  Food Chain/Web/Energy Pyramid worksheet packet (due Tues/Wed next week)

    6.  Biogeochemical cycles notes and worksheets. (due Th/Fri next week)

    7. Revised Science Fair topics due Monday next week

    Chapt. 13-14 Vocabulary

     Extra Credit Alert: View the Crash Course Ecology Videos #8, #9, #40 and answer the questions on the sheet from Mrs. T. 

    Crash Course Ecology Video Questions


    Agenda - Week of Sept. 10

    1.  Work on completing chapters 13-14 study guide workbook pages

    2.  Owl Pellet Lab - graphing data and analysis questions due Th/Fri this week

    3.  Lessons 14.1-14.2 - Symbiosis video sheet

    4.  Lessons 14.3-14.4 

    5.  Population activity - Oh Deer - due next classperiod 

    Chapters 13-14 TEST:  Wednesday 9/19 and Thursday 9/20 - Chapters 13-14 vocab, chapter 14 guided notes, and study guide workbook pages due on test day!

    Chpt 13-14 Study Guide

    Use the following ecology power point as a study tool for the test:

    Ecology Power Point

    Watch the following videos for review

    Ameoba Sisters Ecological Relationships Video

    Amoeba Sisters Ecological Succession

    Amoeba Sisters Carbon and Nitrogen Cycle




     Agenda - Week of Sept. 17

    1. "How Wolves Change Rivers" video notes - due that classperiod

    2.  Complete guided notes for chapter 14 - due test day

    3.  Complete vocab for chapters 3-14 - due test day

    4.  Ecological Succession - Amoeba Sisters video worksheet - due that classperiod

    5.  Chapter 13-14 TEST

    6.  Library day to conduct science fair research - must have research rubric printed out!


    Agenda - Week of Sept. 24

    1.  B classes day in library

    2.  Aquatic Ecosystems PP notes and quiz - to be completed in class

    3.  Chapter 16 Guided Notes - open book quiz grade DUE W/Th next week

    4.  Ecological Footprint person form and graphic organizer - to be completed in class - 15 min of next period will be given

    Ecological Footprint Assignment Instructions

    Aquatic Ecosystems Power Point

    Aquatic Ecosystems Power Point Notes